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Holy week...what's the story?

Holy week kicks off with Jesus riding into the famous city of Jerusalem on a donkey. The people knew this was a symbol of coming in peace. They celebrated by waving palm branches, which for them symbolised victory and peace.

Jesus comes into Jerusalem determined to bring God's message of justice and peace - especially for the marginalised in society. He challenges those in authority and is not afraid to upset the comfortable and powerful.

It is the time to celebrate the feast of Passover - when God had delivered their ancestors from the hand of Pharaoh in Egypt. As a Jew, Jesus celebrates this feast with his disciples - traditionally known as Maundy Thursday.

Having been arrested after celebrating Passover, Jesus endures a trial under Jewish and Roman law. Ceasar doesn't know what to do and bows to a crowd, baying for blood. Jesus is crucified outside the city - King of the Jews .

Grieving followers of Jesus come to visit the tomb early Sunday morning to find the stone cover moved, and the tomb empty. One account from the bible tells of Mary, in a grief - filled state coming across who she thought was the gardener, only to realise that she was talking to the risen Jesus. She runs back to tell the disciples, who were to meet Jesus not long after. The account in the bible says 'they were overjoyed when they saw the Lord.'

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