Notices for the week beginning: 15th May 2022
(some are notices are recurring but new notices are being added as new events are planned) 

Daniels Den meets every Tuesday between 9:30am and 11:00am in St Cuthbert's Church Hall

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Our monthly coffee morning at the Annunciation takes place Saturday 11th June. Please visit this website's home page for details.

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St Cuthbert's runs a weekly cafe where you can chat to neighbours, or just have a space to catch up with some work in a lovely environment, offering fresh cakes,  pastries, fruit and beverages. (click on picture for link)

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Why not join us for a Sunday of Easter Season talks at The Annunciation as we discover some life changing encounters post the tomb on Easter Sunday. Come and follow as this most amazing story continues. 9.30am

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Our APCM took place Sunday 8th May 2022. You are welcome to read the report on the front page. 

The Ministry Experience Scheme is an opportunity to live in community for a year and explore your calling from God - whether training for the priesthood or the kind of career path you want to explore. This opportunity gives the opportunity between for instance, finishing A levels and starting uni - to, while working with local church communities, test out that calling. If you want to find out more or know anyone who this might be a good fit for, call Revd Trevor Goddard on 0208 908 2252 to have a chat.

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SATURDAY 24th September 9.30am - 2.30pm

The Church of England  in the UK is getting passionate about our carbon footprint and here in the Willesden Area (a bigger area than you'd think!) churches want to rise to the challenge of becoming carbon neutral. The vision is to help us as individuals and as church communities face this challenge - it's an exciting challenge to be actively part of caring for God's creation.

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