Parish Church Electoral Roll information:

The church of England is made up of parishes right across the country. 

They work a bit like towns, having their own boundaries. 

Our church - the church of The Annunciation - is in the parish of South Kenton.

So if you live within the area of South Kenton, you are a member of its parish.

Every church has an electoral roll - an official register of people who want to say that they are members of the church. Membership means, first and foremost and most importantly, that someone can have a real sense of  belonging to the church family.

It also means that they can be voted onto the Parochial Church Council (PCC - decision making body) and that they can be part of a vote on issues at the church's annual parochial church meeting (APCM).

The only stipulation for someone living in the parish is that they need to be a baptised member of the Church of England and they need to be aged 16 or over.

Can I be on the electoral roll of a church if I'm not living in the parish of South Kenton?

The answer is yes and here is how. 

1: If you have been regularly worshipping in the church for six months or more.


2: If you are a baptised member of the Church of England and have been regularly worshipping in another church denomination (for instance, Baptist, United Reformed, etc) for six months or more.

So if you are looking for a local church family and really want a sense of belonging to the worshipping community then feel very welcome to sign up to our electoral roll.

To be counted in parish numbers for this year you will need to sign up by Saturday 26th April 2020. 


Just click here and send us a message telling us that you're a baptised member of the Church of England and are 16 or over and we'll send you a form to fill in.

If you're already on the electoral roll...


Electoral Roll renewal 2019: Every six years the church is required to renew its electoral roll and that time is now!


If you are attending our church there is no obligation to be on the roll. However, you need to be on the electoral roll in order to be a member of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) or to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. 


What’s involved in the renewal 2019?

It means that even if you’ve been on the electoral roll up till now, this year you will need to resign to say that you still want to be on the roll. 

You can sign up if you are living in the parish of South Kenton or if you’ve been worshipping with us regularly for at least six months. (see above)


We’d love you to sign up because your being with us reflects a healthy, growing community here at the Annunciation and we’d like the diocese to know this too and it reinforces that sense of belonging. Forms are available on the back table at church and Jacqui, (the ER officer), is happy to help with any queries. Alternatively you can click on the blue 'contact us' button above and we can send you a form via email. This year’s roll will close Saturday 13th April 2019)