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Welcome to our website. We hope browsing through this website will give you a warm welcome to our church community here in South Kenton. Each page gives the option to come back to the home page. Enjoy! Why not plan to pay us a visit. It will be great to see you.

Taking care together during the outbreak of Coronavirus...

Being together while while being apart:

Please click the purple button to view our virtual service and to find out details of how we are taking care as we seek to continue to be good neighbours during this difficult season ... updated each week.

Annunciation Day : 25th March 2020

Please click on the button below to share in our reflections for the Feast of the Annunciation!

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Click onto the picture of St Cuth's above to be linked to their webpage where you'll find an Annunciation Day message (posted 25th March 2020) from Revd Steve Morris, along with daily thoughts and prayers.

For an important update on safeguarding please visit the safeguarding page by visiting the safeguarding information drop down menu above.

On Sunday 1st March 2020

Revd Trevor Goddard
of The Church of The Annunciation 

Revd Steve Morris

St Cuthbert's North Wembley

 were licensed in a joint celebration

as the two parishes were united, with both vicars licensed to be

Associate vicars of both parishes. Here's to lots of collaboration in serving our neighbourhood!

Lent 2020

Click on picture for details of a Lent course at both churches.

Although, due to restrictions of get togethers in our current global crisis, we cannot physically meet, you can still use the link to support your own private lenten journey. 

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Coffee Morning Plus

Events suspended for the time being:


Dear neighbours, 
Because of the current situation where we all need to, not only keep a safe distance, but actually remain in our homes as much as possible in order to arrest the spread of this current pandemic, it has of course been necessary to suspend our Coffee Mornings at present. Please click on the purple button 'supporting community' above to find out more details.

Take care,  Revd Trevor & Jacqui Goddard, The Annunciation



Sundays at 10.00am...

There is Junior Church for children 3 - 10 years  as well as  a creche area at the back of the church and you are welcome to use it and sit with your children there and still enjoy the service, if you need to.

Sasha & Jacqui look forward to welcoming you.

Each week...

We meet together to celebrate our faith, encourage each other, share a simple commemoration of Jesus gift of his life for his creation in bread and wine, and pray for our community and our world.

Do join us as we explore the life of Jesus and his actions and ask ourselves what they can mean for us today.


The Annunciation, on the corner of Carlton Avenue East and Windermere Avenue.

HA9 8QT 

Would you like to belong to a church community but don't really know where to start? 

Why not pop along to one of our once a month coffee mornings. Make a beeline for Trevor or Jacqui ( the vicar and his wife) We'd love to meet you. No pressure just a relaxed welcome.

Want to see the whole Coffee Morning Plus programme?
Just click on the purple heading above.
Our next Coffee Morning Plus
Sowing the seeds of Spring!
Saturday 14th
March 2020

Once again we are truly sorry to have had to cancel this event. 

We will keep you up to date and try to keep you cheered with positive posts when we can.

Take care and remember we're at the end of the phone or the email if you need us. 

God bless.

 Advent labyrinth prayer walk & Christmas fair Coffee Morning 2019

Meeting life's pain with kindness and dignity

Please click on the picture to read
the latest news letter from St Laurence's Larder, which will appear in  your downloads.
If you want to find out more about this voluntary service to the community please click on the button 'find out more'.

Now feeding up to 300 people a week.

A prayer for the people of Grenfell

Father of all... We remember the friends, family and neighbours, who continue to feel so keenly the loss of loved ones as we have begun a new year and now as we move into this period of Lent...
We pray that they will find time to reflect in the wilderness of their pain as you did. As your time in the desert changed and prepared you to carry on with the course life had chosen for you, may they find strength, purpose and vision as well as peace from the turmoil of their story.
We ask that in the words of Corrie Ten Boom, they would 'never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.' Amen.



Lots of questions about the Christian faith?...about prayer, what difference faith makes, and where Jesus Christ fits with it all? Or just feel like you've been round the block with it all already and need a fresh injection of inspiration and enthusiasm?


This slot will be updated once a term with a short film that explores what makes the Christian faith something worth taking a fresh look at - whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.

As we settle into 2020 Bishop Michael Curry, now famous for his vibrant talk at the most recent Royal wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry,  shares with us about the way of love. Our world is still so full of racial and other tensions and often lacks that simple yet profound approach to our fellow human beings, whatever their background, race, colour - whatever makes them different to us.  Our prayer is that this is inspirational to you wherever you are or aren't on your faith journey. May you find inspiration for your journey today.


Just click on the brown button Bishop Michael Curry: The way of love to enjoy this talk. If you need to ask questions about what you watch and hear in this clip feel free to contact us by clicking on the 'contact us' button and we'll respond. God bless . 

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