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We hope browsing through this website will give you a warm welcome to our church community here in South Kenton.  Enjoy! Why not plan to pay us a visit. It will be great to see you.

Why we have changed our Sunday service to 9.30am

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 In order to help people feel relaxed and safe we will continue with social distancing and the use of hand sanitiser. At the moment, in keeping with current Government stipulations, masks mast be worn throughout the service, even when singing. People leading at the front in any capacity can remove their mask while leading. 
There will be beverages and chat after the service, in the church hall.

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Our Sunday virtual services continue to be available online. Just click on the 'virtual services' picture on the right here as usual.

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What do you say yes

to each day?



Join us 9.30am for


our worship and reflections


at The Annunciation to


explore your faith questions...






Next Coffee Morning Plus


9th July 2022

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Memory Cafe @ St Cuthbert's
is open each Thursday
between 11.00am & 1.00pm

at St Cuthbert's church, Carlton Ave West, North Wembley, HA0 3QY
Memory cafe is a place where everyone is welcome to come and find
fun and friendship.
Run by local volunteers from St Cuthbert's, The Annunciation and the local community, it offers fun quizzes, a sing-a-long, a chair-based fitness session, refreshments and a listening ear. A place where we can all keep our body, mind and soul exercised! 

Be sure of a really warm welcome at our monthly Coffee Morning Plus

Our next get together:

Saturday 9th July 2022
10.00am - 12.00pm

Each month we have a different focus for those interested. This time our focus on food as we go 
At a time when we need to be thinking more about the impact of how we're shopping and eating on our world, we thought it would be good to revisit what's good about a vegan diet. There will be a chance to taste some yummy vegan dishes, savoury and sweet and take some recipes away with you with information about what's good about adding some vegan into your weekly diet. 
We are not promoting veganism per say, that's not our place - but thought it's thought provoking and will be fun to explore a bit!
And if all you want to do is have a general chat, all the usual chit chat and friendship over a cuppa and a slice of lemon drizzle will certainly be on hand  .
Hoping to see you there.

We are continuing to stay safe by encouraging social distancing, the wearing of masks if you feel more comfortable using one and by the use of hand sanitiser stations. The hall is also thoroughly cleaned and sanitised just before you come. 

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Giving at The Annunciation 

At The Annunciation, each year we choose a focus for our giving. We want to be thankful for all we have and respond to the needs around us.

This year we will be supporting the following charities:

The Samaritans

                   St Luke's Hospice

                              &     Daniel's Den (parent and toddlers, Christian based Charity)

Sundays at 9.30am...

Each week...

We meet together to celebrate our faith, encourage each other, share a simple commemoration of Jesus gift of his life for his creation in bread and wine, and pray for our community and our world.

Do join us as we explore the life of Jesus and his actions and ask ourselves what they can mean for us today.
The Annunciation, on the corner of Carlton Avenue East and Windermere Avenue.


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Hi. I'm Jacqui and I help to provide a space that helps our children to feel part of the worship while being able to enjoy quiet activities. We have an open area at the back of the church, and you are welcome to use it and sit with your children there and still enjoy the service, if you need to.
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The long term impact of the pandemic means we haven't been able to offer Junior church just now, especially in terms of availability of staff. Children are, however, welcome to sit with their parents and we keep the service with a comfortable level of informality. They are welcome to bring books and quiet activities and use the creche area at the back of the church. Please help them to join in as much as they can. We are praying for the time when we can offer Junior Church again.

Would you like to belong to a church community but don't really know where to start? 
Why not pop along to one of our once a month coffee mornings or join us after church from around 10.15am for a cuppa and a chat in the church hall? You can also pop into the church and see what it's like. We're really happy to chat with you about the church and our faith. You can also view our current services on line (see above). know that you'll always receive a warm welcome.
Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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Our response to climate change?


Giving at
The Annunciation
if you would like to contribute to the ongoing work of our community here in South Kenton please follow the instructions here to the right of this notice. 
With our thanks :) 

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Meeting life's pain with kindness and dignity

Please click on the picture to read
the latest news letter from St Laurence's Larder, which will appear in  your downloads.
If you want to find out more about this voluntary service to the community please click on the button 'find out more'.
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Now feeding up to 300 people a week.

A prayer for the people of Grenfell & all in a place of loss, worry and fear in Ukraine and neighbouring countries...

Father of all... We continue to remember the friends, family and neighbours, who continue to feel so keenly the loss of loved ones as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire on 14th June 2017.
(for latest information visit

We also add to this the many, many families facing ongoing loss and particularly we remember the people of Ukraine.

We are thankful that Jesus did not run away from pain and disaster - his own or those around him.

A prayer

Jesus, because you faced everything we face we know that you understand what loss and all the pain that goes with it feels like. Be with everyone on their individual journey, bring them your peace where there are no answers and may your love soothe every area of pain they are experiencing and the hope of a brighter tomorrow. 

We ask that in the words of Corrie Ten Boom, they would 'never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.' Amen.

Lots of questions about the Christian faith?...about prayer, what difference faith makes, and where Jesus Christ fits with it all? Or just feel like you've been round the block with it all already and need a fresh injection of inspiration and enthusiasm?


This slot will be updated once a term with a short film that explores what makes the Christian faith something worth taking a fresh look at - whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.

As we begin the journey into 2022 the well known Pastor, Tim Keller, who is currently walking through his own personally difficult times with cancer,  shares with us some of his reflections about what prayer actually is and how we can learn to do it. He uses the book of the Psalms in sharing some thoughts to meditate on, in this short time.  Our prayer is that this is inspirational to you wherever you are or aren't on your faith journey. May you find inspiration for your journey today.


Just click on the brown button Tim Keller: Discovering how to pray to enjoy this talk. If you need to ask questions about what you watch and hear in this clip feel free to contact us by clicking on the 'contact us' button and we'll respond. God bless .