COVID 19 : Staying safe while worshipping together

Sundays 9.30am Holy Communion Service

Our church has been open for public worship since April 2021, with Holy Communion (using bread only to represent both emblems)  Not long before Christmas the Government introduced 'Plan B' to the country. This means that in church, throughout the service the wearing of masks is mandatory, including while singing, inside buildings. This is excepting those who are leading from the front - whether for prayers, preaching, singing etc. But at least we are allowed to sing! 


If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 please do not attend The Annunciation, South Kenton in person and remember to isolate for 5 days. You can take a lateral flow on day five and six. If it is clear on both days you are allowed to stop isolating on day 6. A measure of common sense will support us all too in how we manage ourselves and each other. So just take care as you go. Please remember, if you've been in contact with someone who has tested positive, to take daily tests, which can be provided free at several chemists local to your area, for up to seven days. If you have recently returned from international travel be sure to follow any government rules on quarantine that might be currently in place. 

(please ensure you have checked the government website information concerning quarantine requirements.

Sundays 9.30am Holy Communion Service online

Our 9.30am Sunday service will also remain online as well as in person, accessible via our website here at on the page entitled 'Virtual services and keeping safe...' which you can also access at the top of the home page by clicking on the picture of the church.

When You Arrive at Church 

When you arrive, our welcome team should be there to help you feel comfortable. You will be requested to use the sanitisers and masks will be provided for those who don't have their own. They can also help you find your seat if you're unsure of the best place to sit. We are still supporting social distancing by providing signs on the pews of where to sit and not to sit. 

All commonly used surfaces will have been cleaned before the service and if we needed to have an additional service, these surfaces will also be cleaned between the services. Toilets are available in the church hall. Please close the seat when flushing the toilet before washing your hands.

Following any visit to The Annunciation, in the event that you start to experience symptoms of COVID19 please let us know as soon as possible by contacting Revd Trevor Goddard on 020 8908 2252 so we can confidentially contact everyone who was there on that date.


Social Distancing 

When you arrive, you will sit within your family gathering or separately if you have arrived on your own.  Children are welcome but will be required to remain seated with their family at all times to ensure social-distancing guidelines are followed. Please take responsibility for any children in your care. Movement will be restricted for social distancing purposes. Someone from the welcome team will let you know when you can go up for communion. There is a one way system in place by following the arrows on the floor. Again, at the end of the service, we ask that you follow the one way system as you leave the church. This is just to keep us all feeling as comfortable as possible.

When Junior Church is able to start again children will use hand sanitiser on going into the group and on leaving it to re-join their family.

Singing will once again be part of our worship and as mentioned above, communion will be via bread only for the foreseeable future. 


Administering Holy Communion                                                                                 

You will be directed by one of our welcome team to take communion. When you are invited to step forward, please continue to wear your mask, stretch your hands out and receive the bread. Do pull down your mask to take the bread and then replace before returning to your seat.


Meeting after Church
We have restarted our beverages after the service in the hall.

We are still mindful of social distancing and so are serving people at the tables if they would like. Just be mindful of a level of social distancing when sitting with your friends enjoying your refreshments.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to our worship space and hope this will enable you to feel as safe as you are able and free to worship God together.


Revd. Trevor Goddard

On behalf of the PCC.