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COVID 19 : Staying safe while worshipping together

Sundays 9.30am Holy Communion Service

Our church has been open for public worship since April 2021, and now we are able to offer Holy Communion drinking from the cup once more. 

There are no restrictions in worshipping together. We encourage people to do what makes them feel comfortable in worship - whether that includes social distancing and/or wearing a face mask. We do ask that if you have symptoms and have a positive test, (though you are not obliged), that you take the measures you would if you had a common cold or flu, as we continue to live with covid and other viruses . Just bear in mind, if you are unwell, that there may be vulnerable people attending the service.

When You Arrive at Church 

When you arrive, our welcome team should be there to help you feel comfortable. Hand sanitisers and face masks are still available for any who would like to use them. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone to our worship space and hope this will enable you to feel as safe as you are able and free to worship God together.


Revd. Trevor Goddard

On behalf of the PCC.

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