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St Laurence's Larder Food Bank

at the Annunciation



You can donate food for St Laurence's Larder Food Bank every Sunday at The Annunciation between 11.00am & 12.00pm. For an idea of what to buy click on the shopping list link below. 

St Laurence's Larder Food Bank is an independent food bank situated at Christchurch, Brondesbury, Brent. It operates as an independent charity, run by volunterers. 


The team provide regular meals, a listening ear and warm clothes as needed by those visiting. Visitors do not need a voucher to receive help from the food bank and no one will be turned away. 


All donations of food, toiletries and men's winter, outdoor clothing and shoes gratefully received. 

It's official!

The Annunciation

is now officially a 

'Milk Church'

for St Laurence's.

All donations of long-life milk will be gratefully received.

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