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Welcome to our Advent 2020 page.


Each week we will post videos of podcast type interviews sharing thoughts and reflections on the different chapters for people to enjoy.


So it’s a case of looking out for the next gem to arrive.

We may share songs, maybe the poem from that day being read out.

4. You are invited to share any comments and encouragements anytime  from using the book or listening in with us by contacting us via the drop down menu.

That’s it- no other commitment needed! 

If you'd like a copy of the book please do contact us so that we can get one out to you.

We do hope you find this a helpful addition to any Advent traditions you already take part in.

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Advent 1


As the first advent candle is lit for the first Sunday of Advent Jacqui sings Lord have mercy. As we spend this week reflecting on the first candle that is lit representing HOPE we reflect on our need for hope for the future. This year we have experience dark times as a world, country and often individually. Lord have mercy echoes our need of God. May this song help us see that we are not in control and that we all need the salvation and HOPE that God brings as we trust him.


Record of this year's services for Advent & Christmas

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